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  • TV Antenna Installation

  • Poor TV Reception

  • TV Set-up and installation

  • Wall mounting TV’s

  • TV Cabling & Extra points

  • Data & Internet Cabling

  • Rough in cables for a new build

  • Advise on new build requirements

  • Home Theatre Installation

  • Speaker & Amplifier installation

  • Video Intercoms

  • Telephone Points and Cabling

  • Telephone Lead in Services

Television Antenna Services


If you need a new antenna for a new house or are suffering with poor or no TV reception we can help.  We are highly experienced and have a wide range of testing equipment all designed for us to help you get the best TV reception possible.

With the varied TV signal in the Batemans Bay, make sure you’re getting the best possible reception.


If you have just moved into a new house or rental property and have no TV reception, we can normally fix this very quickly.  If we know you have no service, we will do everything we can to try and get someone there the same day!


The installation of 4G mobile phone towers and NBN wireless can affect your TV reception.  Many properties have been affected over the last couple of years in the Batemans Bay area.  If you are experiencing issues, please give us a call.  We can also help with storm damage to TV Antenna’s.

We can help set up a new TV, even if you need us to go to the store to collect it for you and install it.  We can put together those tricky home theatre systems and mount your TV on the wall and hide all those ugly cables.


We can also install those discreet in-ceiling speakers or a new sound bar.


We pride ourselves on our service and do work on behalf of a number of the local real estate agents.

Satellite Services


Having done Commercial work for Austar (now Foxtel) installing large systems for clubs, pubs and restaurants we can help with any satellite job!

In some areas surrounding Batemans Bay, TV reception is just not possible!  We can install a satellite dish and VAST decoder to give you a free to air satellite service.  There is no monthly cost.  Once you’re set up, you are good to go with a full digital satellite service.  We will do all we can to get you an antenna service first, but for some area’s there are no other choices.  


For more information on the VAST service, please look at


We can also help with other satellite services for Foxtel.  Other popular services are for European services and religious services.


Data & Internet Services


If you are struggling with slow Wi-Fi or wireless technology in your home, we can help!  We are experienced and certified in Structured Cabling. 


We can run a CAT 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable from your ADSL modem to any other PC or wireless router anywhere in the house. 


If you are not sure, we are always happy to give you some advice on this.

Telephone Services


If you need a new phone point for the study or any cabling done, we are the people for the job.  We can trouble shoot any issues you are having.  We are experienced in all residential jobs as well as large commercial systems.


If you are building a new house, we can install a lead in cable (From the side of the house to the network boundary) and connect it inside the house, ready for Telstra or your Network Provider to connect to.

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